Eyes On The Nets

Accountability, and public understanding of the activities of the KwaZulu-Natal Sharks Board is critical.  Residents of KZN have an intrinsic right to understand how their money is being utilized, and tourists should be properly educated on the destinations they choose to visit as well. 

Ultimately, the removal of the shark nets rests in the public’s hands. It is the public that needs to be educated on the truth about the nets, the state of sharks, and the actual (vs. perceived) risks of shark attacks.  Only through education and awareness can we move forward.

Please help us fuel this campaign. We are initiating a public monitoring process to record the Natal Shark’s Board activities.  Our goal is not to impede their work, but rather, be quiet observers.

Do you know something you wish to report, have investigated or simply record? Please report it to us – even anonymously if you wish.

Have you witnessed sharks board in action, removing animals from the nets or from the beach? Send us pictures or video footage.

Do you know when an animal is caught on a net or drumline? Please notify the Sharks Board as quickly as possible at +27-(0)31-566-0400 in the hopes that it can be saved. We would also like to be notified with the location of the catch as well as any other information you may have regarding the species.

Ultimately, we hope to visually capture the impact of the nets – and in this case, pictures and videos are worth a 1000 words. Please help.

The shark nets are governmental property and should not be tampered with. It is illegal to do so. Additionally, the KZNSB employees should not be hindered from completing their responsibilities.

Natal Shark Board Net & Drumline Locations