Mourning the loss of our Tiger Sharks

Written by Super User. Posted in In The News

This morning, 14 tiger sharks were caught in a single shark net installation off the coast of South Africa. World outrage has ensued, as these sharks, who have become infamous around the world thanks to the amazing photos and videos from the Shark Angels, are a protected species living in a protected area in a country who prides themself on being able to let tourists experience a Big "7" - which ironically includes sharks  - the very species the government is slaughtering. The 14 fully grown adults - including pregnant females - caught and many of them killed - in a single day is not only heartwrenching, it is a disaster for the local environment and economy. . Read Shark Angel Gail's firsthand account of the REAL TRUTH. Not the Sharks Board manipulative and inaccurate report of the situation (who are desperate to control the media and want to earn their $4.5 million a year to kill the species that desperately needs protection).