Links & More Information

Please visit the following links for more information on Shark Nets as well as Shark Conservation:

What are Shark Nets:

KZN Sharks Board: 

Shark Nets on Wikipedia:

More Shark Net Perspectives:

What a Tangled Web We Weave:

The Truth About Shark Nets:

Spotting Sharks Thru the Mess of Nets: 

Revisiting Nets:

KZNSB Options to Reduce Mortality:

Australian Shark Nets:

Shark Net Controversy:

Whale in Shark Nets:

Shark Nets in Australia:

More about Shark Nets – NSCNSW:

Humane Society & Shark Nets:

2008 KZN Sharks Board Bill:

Shark Spotters & Facts Regarding Shark Interaction:

Statistics on Shark Attacks:

Shark Conservation:

Save Our Seas –

Sea Shepherd –

Wild Aid –

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